Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I am making major strides on my Emblem Collection. However, I am having difficulty identifying the one pictured in the attachment. Would you be able to tell me the make of automobile that it represents?

Badger: That's a fine enameled emblem, in very good condition, although the finish plating seems to have worn off.  I have never seen this one, nor does the design remind me of any car in particular. I wouldn't rule out some sort of appliance or machine emblem either.   Hopefully someone out there has an idea!  -Toni


  1. That is an emblem from Matson Navigation Company. They are a steamship company. That was used when they ran their passenger vessels.

  2. Thanks Dave! It definitely has a nautical look. Your help is greatly appreciated!

  3. Thank you Dave Wolfslau for your help in identifying my "mystery" M emblem. And to you, Raymond for all your help, most recently the Peerless emblem. Another month or so, and my collection will be complete IF my son and husband get the frames made! Best for 2015 to you both!!


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