Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This little item has me in a quandry, and any help y'all can provide would be fantastic. I am attaching two photographs with a penny as a size reference, and I hope it shows enough detail. I Googled this thing for hours, including international manufacturers, toy manufacturers...everything, to no avail.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm hoping you can help me identify the chrome auto emblem I have. I have been told it's a 1936 LaFayette hood ornament, but I haven't been able to find a photo of a '36 LaFayette model that sports this exact hood ornament. I initially thought it might be a Locomobile ornament, due to the fact that it prominently features a fancy script "L" inside a circle, which is almost identical to the script "L" logo that Locomobile used in their later advertisements. However, as you can see, my ornament has a distinctly Art Deco design theme, which wasn't incorporated into most auto emblems until the mid-1930s or later, and Locomobile ceased production in 1929. If it is a LaFayette ornament, it seems curious that it would incorporate a style element used by an auto marque that was a competitor to LaFayette when the original LaFayette company (pre-Nash) produced high-end autos for a short period in the early 20's.
The ornament is exactly the same on both sides, which lead me to believe initially that it was a hood ornament. Unfortunately, it appears to be missing a lower piece, where it attaches to the hood, but that part is likely a narrow plate that attaches to the hood, and can probably be fabricated. Once I am able to identify the year and make/model, I am hoping to offer it for sale to someone who may be looking for such a rare piece of auto history.